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Bundle DIY Uni Ikura Oyster

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This Bundle includes:
2 Trays of Australian Uni
1 Dozen Oyster
100g Sanriku Ikura

The Australian Uni is denser, creamier and more full-tasting than the Japan Bafun Uni, which tends to be fluffier. Experience the umami taste when this 100g of goodness melts within your mouth.

Handpicked from Japan in the prefecture of Hyogo, our oysters come from Hyogo known for its seafood. The flesh of the Hyogo oysters is fresh, silky smooth with a wonderfully creamy texture. These are great oysters you shouldn’t miss. Note: Our Oysters are shucked, cleaned and ready-to-eat.

Sanriku Ikura are the Rolls Royce of ikura because of their majestic size compared to normal ikura. In addition, the membrane of the Sanriku Ikura is just thick enough to burst in your mouth with a slight press of your lips or teeth (and release the ikura’s awesome flavours and nutritional goodness) but thin enough to melt away and be easily swallowed.

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