Jumbo Hotate Scallop Sashimi


Hokkaido Wild-Caught Scallops are different than the others you will find elsewhere because they are wild-caught off the cold pristine waters of Hokkaido, hence they have the sweet taste of the sea and are really succulent. These scallops are from Hokkaido. These scallops are sashimi-grade. These scallops are wild-caught. As the word ‘jumbo’ implies, these are bigger and badder than other scallops you may be used to seeing elsewhere.

Also, please don’t compare these scallops to those ‘Hokkaido Scallops’ you find in supermarkets sold at lower prices. Those are usually non-Sashimi grade and even in the rare instance you find the sashimi graded ones, they probably still don’t come close in terms of quality. One of the best ways to eat these of course is as sashimi, with a dash of soy sauce and wasabi.

*Do note that the photos are for illustration purpose only

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