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Magnum Opus Kaluga Crossbreed Caviar


Size: 30g/50g

With the Magnum Opus Crèmè De La Crèmè – caviar from the Kaluga breed of sturgeon. Its eggs are large and of chestnut to brown colours. It is very clean-tasting with a creaminess only associated with the world’s best caviars and finishes off with a luxurious buttery note with nutty nuances that lingers what feels like forever. One of the highest quality caviars produced.

Magnum Opus Crèmè De La Crèmè
– Opulent burst of exquisite flavor
– Skillful balance of rich, velvety texture and delicate brininess
– Each bead delivers an opulent burst of exquisite flavor
– Elevate your gastronomic experience with this exceptional caviar

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