Mekajiki Premium Swordfish Belly


There is Swordfish Belly and then there is Premium Swordfish Belly (Seafrozen at -60 deg Celsius – Superfrozen).

Of course, Sashimi Grade is not just about being free of parasites. The fat content of the fish, quality of the fish itself, how soon it was frozen after being caught, how it was bled, stored, packed, all make a difference in the quality of sashimi-grade fish. And here, we come to Superfrozen Swordfish Belly – the purest form of sashimi-grade mekajiki available. The mekajiki we offer here gets top marks on all counts. Only the best specimens of the catch are selected. Probably the best mekajiki ever. Superior texture, high oil content and superb taste. Now available and delivered to your door.
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