Mix Size Hyogo Oysters


Portion: 12/24/48 Pcs Frozen

Hyogo Oysters Promo! Get this great deal for the Oysters that are taking Singapore by storm. Fresh and tasty, plump and succulent, these Hyogo Oysters are displacing all the usual oysters from France, Australia, Ireland, Canada or anywhere! These frozen Oysters are better tasting than the live oysters from other places! It is simply the best tasting and fattest oysters period and used by more than 50% of all the restaurants serving oysters in Singapore now. Get your hands on this great deal from Oosterbay. 48 pcs (mixed sizes) for only $91.20 + gst ($1.90 per piece only. UP is $4)

Available only because we’re not going to sort the oysters into the different sizes (which restaurants require) and we sell as mixed sizes. No matter the size, they are all plump and tasty!

Don’t have to finish all at once. Have some of it whenever you want and leave the others in the freezer. Shelf life is 1 year in freezer.

Defrost by running under tap water for 6 minutes and then soak in salt water for 5 minutes. You get the best tasting oysters in the world.

Easy to shuck also.

Get your Hyogo Oysters from Oosterbay now before they run out for this promo.

*Do note that the photos are for illustration purpose only

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