Sashimi Party Platter C

SGD260.80 SGD295.00

Size: Sharing for 5-6 Pax

Sashimi Ultra Luxe is more indulgent than even Platter B, and this is the Grand-Daddy of OosterBay Sashimi Platters. It includes the best Ultra-Luxe ingredients for when you need to impress your loved ones or to spoil them, or both. Platter includes the following:
1 Dozen fresh Oysters
100g fresh Uni
160g Otoro Sashimi
6 Pieces of Jumbo Scallop Sashimi
150g of Hamachi or Kanpachi or Tai or Shima Aji
150g Mekajiki Sashimi
10 Amaebi Sashimi
120g Ikura
6 bowls of Japanese rice

Uni type for this selection is dependent on availability. Comes with shoyu and wasabi. Cutlery not included.
*Do note that the photos are for illustration purpose only

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