Salmon Mori Sashimi


Presenting to you our Salmon Mori prepared by our in-house chef. Salmon is enjoyed everywhere and considered to be Sashimi 101 by those who are new to raw fish. Its bright orange flesh is tender, fatty and delicious. Ikura is extremely popular with both kids and adults, and is infused with beneficial oils that’s good for your heart. It is the perfect combination with salmon which is what makes Salmon Mori a delightful way to pamper your taste buds.

Delivers fresh and ready to eat.

Please note that the images displayed represent our dine-in offerings.*

When ordering online, your delightful selections from our Ready-to-Eat section will be packed in convenient take-away boxes, all fresh, sliced and beautifully presented with accompanying condiments like purple seaweed, lemon, cucumber, radish and sometimes even fresh flowers! Wasabi and shoyu included as well.

None Sushi Rice – 1 Serving +$1.00 Roasted Nori Seaweed – 8pc +$1.50 Umibudo – 1pkt +$7.80 Salmon Ikura – 100g +$27.00 Kizami Wasabi Shoyu - 250g +$17.00