Karatsuki Ginnnan (Ginkgo Nut) ぎんなん


Overblown smell, underestimated taste. Gingko nuts are actually a traditional staple of Japanese food. Ginkgo nut hunters come out during the autumn season to gather these nuts off the ground and wash off the skin. Later, the bitter, sweet-tasting nut inside is used for frying or baking adding an autumn flavor to Japanese food. Grilled ginkgo nuts with salt are a popular item at izakayas as a healthy snack with beer and other Japanese food. The texture is slightly firmer than that of a boiled potato and has a slightly bitter aftertaste due to its butyric acidic properties, which makes at an excellent pair for a strong beverage. Ginkgo nuts are also a great neutralizer for alcoholic beverages with its nutty array of flavors.

Specifications: 500g/pack

Air-flown fresh from Toyosu Market, available only through pre-order.*

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