Sashimi Party Platter A


Delight in our timeless crowd-favorite sashimi platter!
Enjoy premium cuts flown in from Japan up to thrice weekly, delivering a burst of freshness. Nama wasabi adds the perfect touch of heat, creating a flavor experience that stands the test of time.
  • 200g Salmon Sashimi
  • 150g Mekajiki Sashimi (Swordfish Belly)
  • 120g Salmon Ikura
  • 10 Amaebi Sashimi (Sweet Shrimp)
  • 90g Tai (Japanese Sea Bream)
  • 4 bowls of Japanese rice
  • Shoyu and Wasabi included

Delivers fresh and ready to eat.

Size: Sharing for 3-4 Pax

*Photos are for illustration purposes only

None Sushi Rice – 1 Serving +$1.00 Roasted Nori Seaweed – 8pc +$1.50 Umibudo – 1pkt +$7.80 Salmon Ikura – 100g +$27.00 Kizami Wasabi Shoyu - 250g +$17.00