Masukumeron (Musk Melon) マスクメロン


These exquisite Crown and Aroma high-grade Japanese Musk melons originate from Kouchi, Japan. Dedicated farmers in Japan painstakingly select and inspect each melon before promptly shipping them from Toyosu Market to Singapore. These melons are celebrated for their extraordinary sweetness and juiciness, making them the perfect dessert for your dinner parties. Prized for their perfectly spherical shape and intricate netting, these melons are a result of painstaking cultivation. Growers trim vines so that only one most promising fruit monopolize all nutrients from the vine. So juicy you can simply scoop it up with a spoon!

Specifications: 1.5kg+- per pc

Air-flown fresh from Toyosu Market, available only through pre-order.*

Oosterbay specializes in curating fresh indent items imported weekly from Japan to Singapore. Our dedicated team maintains close communication networks with suppliers in Japan, guaranteeing consistent quality and a steady supply of items to offer the freshest seasonal produce year-round.