[⚡️LIMITED EDITION] Sakura Cherry Blossom Premium Gift Box Bafun (250g)


⚡️Sakura Cherry Blossom Limited Edition Uni!⚡️

Due to incredible demand, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest star product: the Sakura Cherry Blossom Limited Edition Uni.

Oosterbay has partnered directly with our trusted Uni processor in Japan to bring you this exceptional Sakura Cherry Blossom Limited Edition Uni. Available only exclusively at Oosterbay.com. (While stocks last)

Directly purchased from the Uni processor in Japan, OosterBay brings in fresh Uni from Japan up to four times a week for the Singapore market. We ensure a steady supply of high-quality Uni, even during the off-season (September and October) or when Uni is in short supply due to typhoons and other weather conditions.

Please note that the price of uni (sea urchin) fluctuates and may change daily due to market conditions.

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