7-Type Uni Tokusen Sashimi Platter


Chef’s choice of 7 types of premium Sashimi including 1 portion of Uni Sashimi. Our regulars just adore this wonderful combination. If you have yet to try it, wait no more. After all, this is what we have in mind of a perfect platter and you deserve the freshest.

Uni type used might vary and it depends on what is available and in season during the time of your order. In the event that Sashimi types go out of stock (for either Sashimi or Sushi), we reserve the right to replace it with other available Sashimi of similar value.

Delivers fresh and ready to eat.

Size: 1-4 pax available

For 1 pax: 7 slices of premium sashimi, including a portion of uni

Please note that the images displayed represent our dine-in offerings.*

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