Sashimi & Sushi Luxe Platter


Enjoy premium cuts air-flown in from Japan straight to our restaurant Uni Gallery. Try out this delicious Sashimi and Sushi Luxe Platter specially created by our chefs to fulfill your palates. 6 types of Sushi and 7 types of fresh Sashimi all available in a single platter!


  • 2pc Engawa Sushi
  • 2pc Jumbo Hotate Sushi
  • 2pc Chutoro Sushi
  • 2pc Salmon Mentai Sushi
  • 2pc Kanpachi Sushi
  • 2pc Madai Sushi


  • 10g Fresh Uni Sashimi
  • 40g Chutoro Sashimi
  • 40g Kanpachi Sashimi
  • 40g Madai Sashimi
  • 40g Mekajiki Sashimi
  • 1pc Jumbo Hotate Sashimi
  • 2pc Amaebi Sashimi

Uni type used might vary and it depends on what is available and in season during the time of your order. In the event that sashimi types go out of stock (for either Sashimi or Sushi), we reserve the right to replace it with other available sashimi of similar value.

Delivers fresh and ready to eat.

Size: Sharing for 2-3 Pax

*Photos are for illustration purposes only